An American Joycean in Dublin

Here’s a post I wrote on the Mount Mercy English program’s blog about our Irish Literature and Culture travel course and the excitement of walking in Leopold Bloom’s shoes.

Literary Mustangs

From the deep freeze of the American Midwest, 43 degrees sounds downright balmy.

That’s the temperature in Dublin on New Years Day 2018, and while Dubliners might not find cause to celebrate it, I’m looking at that temperature with envy from my Iowa igloo. Over the last 24 hours, I’ve seen my car thermometer continuously plunge as I drove home from the holidays, and I’ve had to shovel a week’s worth of snow, pump gas, and load groceries in my car amid wind chills well south of zero. So the more general snow has begun to be all over Iowa, the more I’ve longed for the next week to fly by so that I could finally bask in the warmth of 43 degrees.

And I can think of 10 other Iowans who likely feel the same way.

Every two years, Mount Mercy University’s English program runs one of its two…

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Author: postsonthepenman

I'm an Associate Professor of English at Mount Mercy University. I teach courses in British Romanticism, British Modernism, Contemporary British Literature, and Irish Literature and Culture. I'm specifically a lifelong fan of James Joyce and have taken him up on his request that I devote my entire life to understanding his works.

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